Sunday, 1 April 2007

Work Week 2

Getting more used to things, falling in love all over again wid sleep and coming to hate a computer gawking job and desirous of goin to kolkata only to slap d moronic writers in the branch, imagine writng abt cattle feed in an article abt a fine dining restaurant! All this and more was part of work week 2.

Deadly Lines!
We are under-staffed as far as the editorial team is concerned and I have no qualms abt saying it out loud even to the CEO (am lucky to have a caring boss as him, and cute too) and if they don't bother hiring more ppl for d job or having a workshop wid d blasted writers, then i have no qualms abt taking an off or leaving dot at 6 pm. 

Ok, so the  girlies are ok. They even invited me to join em for lunch after dat new joinee ditched me to have lunch with sum other gal. Thankfully, they r editors too, so there is tons to discuss 
and bitch about. 

Mr dimples sniggers at me, maybe coz of the way I look. $%#@!$$%#$%!@#Apparently he's a star performer, the CEO walks up to him frequently and the MD also did the same and greeted him heartily. Nonetheless he is a girl gawker and stil makes weird expressions at some of em. It wud do the dude a great deal of good if he tried some colours. Black n White, dats all he's abt! 

Mr arrogant goes by the name of vivek if am not wrong. He seems better behaved. Dresses well too. It bodes well for me dat I am not trying to please anyone here. Just interested in working.

These guys really believe in solidarity and unity. They are organising a cricket match soon in which various firms under the company wud battle it out.

That meansI get 2 sit at home. Yay!


panjak said...

nice to read about ur impressions of colleagues...makes me wonder what my female colleagues think of me!!

Anamika said...

Awww sweeety, i m glad u r complining about things that even i crib abt at HT.