Saturday, 7 April 2007

Work Week 3 (Too long, Dont read)

Professionally Unstable
You know how some people are mentally unstable, I am professionally unstable. And there is ample evidence for me 2 believe otherwise. It bodes well for me datI have
accepted this fact. I now know that no matter what job i take up or want, there are
always going to be a lot of unsettling things, such as:

Delayed responses to better job applications.

I am a professional rolling stone, or so I believe I am percieved to be.

Job offers will pour in wen i don't intend to, or am unable to work, and they are usually the best.

The moment i take up a job, some other better org will knock on my door to confuse me to no end.

I have never been able to stick anywhere!


Sigh. I was tranferred, rather lent to another deptt for a month. Needless to say I felt betrayed. Not worthy enough to be on the TSPL team. This is also a part of why I feel professionaly unstable. Just when I begin to get comfy in any environment, my world is rocked! I really wanted to ask me boss - why oh why r u sending me away 
:( am i not good enough for TSPL or am i good enough to represent it?

Chaos n' More
The whole lending for a month thing was carried out in such a chaotic manner dat it ended up being abso-funny. For starters, hardly anybody bothered to inform me right away. The HR folks were not aware and nobody asked me if I even wanted to do such a thing! My super told me only when I asked him for the next assignment after meeting a bitchy deadline.

The next day when I walked in uncertainly towards my workstation, I noticed that my CPU had vanished! Then I spoke to my office mommies (The HR folks, I go to them for every query!) They said that I would be doing stuff for another website but I will continue to sit on the 3rd floor. Ok, will do. As long as I dont have to move. But then some IT guy came telling me that my CPU has been shifted to me new work station, I baffled him saying that I have to sit here. My moment of peace was ruined when a perky sardard came to escort me to the third floor. 

Seeing the chaos my boss walked up to us and told me that "dont worry, am not going to let go of you, u will be back in a month" and he said the same to d perky sardard adding that he's marking the date :) 


Doosri Manzil
Hmmm, once I reached the cursed destination, I was shown a workstation which I thought was pretty cool. I was also introduced to someone I was supposed to collaborate with, but little did I know. She started teaching me a program I knew zilch abt. I found it so weird technical n complex that I felt like crying, after an earnest attempt to figure out the thingamajig, I msgd my boss and quick came the reply. He was going to come and sort things out. 

A little while later I learnt from the chick teaching me that the sardard had told her that I was an HTML programmer, of all the things! Then I could wait no longer and wen up to my real boss and told him what the headache thought! Chaos, laughs and a lot of apologies from almost all of the management followed soon after. The way my boss stood up for me and told the entire management of the sardard's goof up was amazing, to say the least. Can't wait to be beack on the TSPL team. 

The Royal Sardard
What do I say about him. He talks to himself, laughs at his own jokes and is adamant to the core that 'stadia' is a word for 'stadium'! 

The Last Word

Lesson learnt: If your job does not make you cry, it is not a job. Lol. I hope this one month passes by in a snap (now that's wishful thinking for ya).


ana said...

ohhhh only change is permanent my child

ana said...

ohhhh only change is permanent my child

Anonymous said...

bichare sardard..sab unke khilaf biased hain - panjak