Saturday, 21 April 2007

It's JUST not the SAME

I tried to read an archie comic on the web for the first time, it was no
fun. In this day and age of ebooks, ereaders, and what have you, the joy
of curling up with a great book seems to be evaporating. AND I HATE IT.

Who in their right mind, would want to read an entire book gawking at the
computer. I for one, just dont feel connected to it. The same is true for
letters, for they can actually be kissed and hugged and taken to the
garden. You can also see the person's writing and find out if they were excited of in a rush or just plain sleepy. You can take the email to the garden if u have a laptop but then again,ITS NOT THE SAME.

I am all for saving paper and the environment, but reading an actual book
with real pages is a joy I cant give up. So ebooks and ereaders and palm
pilots can come and go, but nothing replaces the true joy of lying in bed
with a fab book and reading it in leisure, thereby establishing a real 3d
relationship with the book.

To conclude, I would like to quote Paulo Coelho:
You can have at your disposal all the means of communication in the world, but nothing, absolutely nothing can replace looking someone in the eye.

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Anonymous said...

kuch din pehle mujhe kisi ne bataya ki tintin ki saari series net pe available hai. itni easy availability ke baare mein soch ke mera mood hi kharab ho gya aur maine padhi hi nahi!! bachpan mein library se marr marr ke tintin haath lagti thi...aur use padhne ka maza hi kuch aur tha inspite of all the phate pages and handwritten messages like "if u want an amazing surprise go to page 50" (and once on page 50 what u found was "abe thodi shanti rakh..the surprise is on page 25". the trail inevitably lead to the page u had started with "gadha" written which u had missed)- panjak