Friday, 13 April 2007

Drifted Apart . . .

I shall now reproduce a poem which I wrote ages ago (sometime in 2001). This plain truth of life, that people move on, was something I acknowledged a long time ago, but then everytime it stares at me in the face, I seem to go weak. Another friend, another love, another friendship, is sure to come, for such is the cycle of life. After every winter there is bound to be a spring. Here goes nothing:

Like fragments of a glacier, on a bed of sea,
We drifted apart, as apart can be.

I miss the times that we had shared,
Before the painful seperation we beared.

What a torture it was to see you depart,
But I still do have hope in my heart.

Lost in my world, I dream of you,
I wonder if you think of me too.

Inspiration: How friends turn people and people metamorphose into friends. How time makes people drift apart, and equally well heals. How friendships get limited to Hi, Hello & Bye.

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Anonymous said...

lovely poem