Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Enjoy marketing at Glenferrie Road!

This was how the conclusion/ sign-off for an article abt shopping in Melbourne read. It had me in splits. Sadly, there was no one to share it with. LOL!

English still remains to us the coloniser's language and we, the people Indianise it without even knowing that we are doing so. It is indeed amusing to hear and read technically unsound (if there is such a word as unsound) English from so many people who innocently think they are saying it right.

Some such funny and commonly understood (but not accepted) phrases:

  • I was here only.

  • I didn't knew only. If I had knewed I would not have done anything.

  • Myself Pratap Srivastava. I am done my graduation from B. Com.

  • The dish is been cooked. I make a great foods.

  • I am having one computer on my house.

  • His hairs needed a shampooing.

  • I like clothes according to winter season.


Anonymous said...

hello dear,

myself pankaj,

my hobbies include listening music and playing sports.

Anonymous said...

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