Thursday, 4 January 2007

Virtual realities

Is it just me or have our lives been dramatically overtaken by the www?

We talk to our closest personal friends online, we talk 2 aquaintances online, even strangers. The art of conversation is either branching out to this medium or its gathering cobwebs.

We do not have diaries or journals anymore. We have blogs. We prefer typing over writing.

And what the heck is up with love that stems from chatrooms? Where is the first glance? The gradual progression to flirting and love? Where are the hot cups of coffee & conversation? Where are the common friends who play cupid? Hehehe.

It surely is a great medium 2 keep in touch, branch out and make new friends in places far & wide. Certainly cost effective. But how much is too much? Are we losing something?

And now, time for the picture of the day. This is an old type of a windmil in greece

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Anonymous said...

loved this post. its not a sentimental nostalgic patronizing sermon about the "good old days"....but genuine.....a question hanging in the air...."are we losing something".......the human touch perhaps...the joy of human company...Lovely!!