Saturday, 13 January 2007

Reader's block !

Sure, we've all heard of writer's block. What I am going through currently is reader's block. Amitav Ghosh, Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie are all vying to be my next reading venture. But it is just not happening :(

For that matter am taking a hell of a lot of time to even read Reader's Digest n flip through Cosmo. A subscription to a 3rd magazine right now wud be a really really bad idea right now. I should probably burn the sub form for Biblio. Perhaps its because of my increased mobility and the fact that its so much easier to kill time now dat I can move around, cook, be useful and spend long hours glued to the computer. I was reading much more when I was restricted to bed. Well, those days are about to be back, so I may get some reading done at the hospital or when I get back home! :)

Picture of the day

( From an award winning photographer's collection shot in Afghanistan )

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