Thursday, 11 January 2007

Shaadi ka ladoo...

This entry is writ strictly from the perspective of the female species of the human race in India.

(Is that my prince on his white horse?)

A conversation on a wedding between two fathers (with fully loaded plates in their hands):

"Mr. Verma, your daughter is 23, have you started looking for a groom for her?" 
"Well she is not too keen Khanna saab, she says she doesnt wish to get married before 25."
"25! Verma saab tussi do saal hor wait karoge? Why all the eligible bachelors will fly away.And even if she does want to get married at 25, ladke koi ghar baithe thodi mil jaate hain. you shoudl start looking for a groom right away"
"Bhaisaab she has already turned down so many rishtas. One of them was from a Doctor in New York."
. . . . . . . . blah blah blah . . . . . . . .  blah blah blah !

In India, the average or even below average girl's first rishta comes knocking at around 18 yrs. of age (personal experience) And with age, the no. keeps increasing unless u turn into some feminist rocker chick with pierced eyebrows and purple hair. 
All hell especially breaks loose when someone younger or simillar aged cousin gets hitched. 
Most parents really become alarmed when their daughter turns 24 with no leanings towards marriage or if the rishtas arent ringing in anymore. 
"It is really hard to find a groom for older girls" And yet I see more and more girls get married at 28-30 and actually being better at handling life after marriage.
"Dont get your daughter over educated, it becomes harder to find a good enough groom then". Phhhh... 

(Mujhe sajan ke ghar jaana hai... Bah!)

These are some observations made by me on the shaadi scenario in our country. Most small minded people give the impression that the entire life of a girl is merely preparation for the grand day and the life that is to follow. All this certainly robs the sacred tie of its charm.

To be continued...

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