Monday, 8 January 2007

Breezer ki saugandh!

 The ramblings of a non madira consuming Bhartiya naari
(Bhartiya naari my ass!)

"Main madira nahi peeti".

Thats what I tell my friends when I am offered a drink (not that there have been many times). Often I have felt like a boring freak/ outcaste/ goody two shoes/ and what not when I think of the fact that I dont smoke, booze, dope or even have supaari or paan! Not even meetha paan. I dont know where I get these values from, or if I have strictly conditioned myself to abhor these filthy things.

Many a times I have wondered holding a glass of really expensive mango juice in my hand if I am really missing something. Basically its rotten fruit juice. I have never been able to understand why people love alcohol so much. It tastes bitter, smells funny and looks like apple juice and iced tea! All to get a 'high'? Doesnt make much sense to me. Perhaps I am too rigid and condemn things without experiencing them. But I dont need to whiff heroin to know its bad or smoke to know that it is bad as well, at the same time I do wish to know what the fuss is all about!

Surely now a days we read the occassional article abt what good vines can do if consumed moderately, but the disadvantages surely outnumber the advantages of all other forms of alcohol. Well, why do I still crave artery clogging french fries despite knowing there is nothing right with it? I guess thats addiction for ya. Mortal sin. Gluttony. The principle here seems to be that as long as it satisfies you, go ahead. Hehehe.

(Guess everything is wrong with Breezers as well)

Is it about time I sin as well?

Waiter, ek breezer laao!


Anonymous said...

bahut mazedaar @ breezer ki saugandh and "mai madira nahi peeti"

try a little breezer..a whole breezer preferably..ull like the taste and sensation..and dont worry..u wont instatly turn into a raving frothing alcoholic who needs to be chained the moment ur lips touch breezer...and u wont be shouting out ur true feelings for guys...panjak was here

Ana said...

Dudette, u try a breezer and i'll mk sure that i beat u black and blue