Sunday, 25 March 2007

The week that was

Hmm... Where do I begin? 
The week started with butterflies in my stomach, and ended with  stars in my eyes. This was the week I started working after a hiatus of seven long, painful and  anguishing months. Not only was this my first week at a new job, it was the first week of my first real job!  And what a week  it has been: 

Monday Blues
Monday was supposed to be my last day at home as an unemployed person. Hehehe. Jittery, nervous, doubtful, hyper. I was all this and more. Slept weird.

Swagatam Shubh Swagatam
I chose to go there finally, so what if it is not the start I wanted for my career. Truth is, you gotta start somewhere. The day was exceptionally tiring, we were in for a grand grand welcome (no there was no tika or puja to welcome us). The orientation included a tour of the workplace, meeting a few pertinent people, a brief narration of the company profile, filing up forms and getting certificates etc verified. The highlight of the day was being able to climb 2 floors at once. A first since the accident. :)

Among the new joinees, there were 7 guys and 3 girls, one guy was sumwhat cute but sadly, he was transfered to the gurgaon branch. There were times during the orientation when we were made to wait in the conf room and I started sketching to avoid boredom. I was sketching a girl's face and the cute guy was sitting across the table. A pesky joinee then told him that I was sketching him. EMBARASSING

Mother's Day

In march? Yes. Mothers fall ill too. On Wednesday I was not only petrified but also angry. My workstation had not been finalised, I was jumping from one desk to the other for the first half of the day. In the second half I edited some of the worst writing i have ever laid my eyes on. I came home to find that mommy had  been advised rest and cannot   move   her  right arm. 
Our maid was nowhere to be seen. The next few days went on like this, with me juggling  office work, attending meetings and coming home to housework, besides dealing with my foot (climbing two floors was not a good idea after  all)Mommy wore an agonised expression all day, and I hated every bit of it. I can bear almost anything in the world but to see her like this, helpless and hurting :(

Prison Break
I like my workplace. I also like what I get to do there. BUT I HATE THEIR CELL PHONE AND INTERNET POLICY! Why oh why can i not use gtalk or keep my own cellphone with me! Not that I love chattering away the working hours, but it's not particularly thrilling to be inaccessbile for 8 n half hours! Anyways, seems I can get used to it. Besides, everybody here seems to be a chatter box. There is also an internal chat server. That is kind of fun, one needs human contact of some sort. Hehehe.  I made a breakthrough on friday though, logged on 2 gtalk via meebo, but not a soul was online.

Office Duds n Dames
Sadly, I have been seated with programmers and I don't even have an LCD. The guy next to me seems weird and married. The girl next to him, seems my age, but doesn't talk much. Simply because there is nothing to talk about.
Then there is  the  gawker  who sits  a few seats ahead  across the aisle. He just can't seem to get the smug smile off his face or stop gawking at ze girlies. Maybe he is trying to devise a means of communicating wid bizzare facial expressions. Fab dimples though.  There is  also Mr. Confident, what a strut, but with  an air of arrogance. These  folks don't seem  particularly friendly to newbies, everybody  has  a  clique. Gets boring at lunch. Couldn't care less at other times.

This experience is quite different from what I have witnessed so  far (work-wise)There's a healthy mix of male & female colleagues, everybody is punctual (coz there are actual cash awards for it! talk about motivation!) There is a lot of international stuff happening. International projects, clients and it was only my 4th day at work when my official mailbox was flooded with messages from various employees and team heads celebrating the finalisation of a branch in Bangkok. Cool!

Come to think of it, there aren't any. It's surely not my dream job or a dream start. Far from it. But I am just 22 and the world is my oyster :)
Do I miss staying at home? Not at all, surprisingly. The  timings are cool, conveyance is  simply not a  problem, courtesy  papa.  However, mom's illness is ill-timed, but then again, when are diseases well-timed? And of course, I do miss my time with my grandpa :)

All's Well, that Ends Well
The week ended well, with a diagnosis of mom's illness. It's not osteo-arthritis as I thought.  And I won't have to exert myself much coz domestic help has been arranged. Both me n mommy will get the rest we should. I am beaming :)

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