Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Invisible Worlds (2 philosophical, dont read)

The sky is roaring with thunder outside. It's pouring too. 

I just had to get out of bed to type this out.

We live in a segregated world. Apart from the borders that divide nations, there are other lines too. Lines of distinction. Humans are judged the world over by their performance, appearance, grades, lifestyle, wealth, education... How quick we are to shun one that does not look, think or talk like us. One must snigger at or pity the forms of the ones that are different, in order to quickly establish the difference.

One never sees these 'abnormal' souls in the 'normal' realm. They live in their own world, where their reality defines their sense of normalcy. Perhaps where they don't feel different or outcast. They go to their own schools, have friends of their own kind, basically mark their own corner in this huge thing we call the world. 

The physically handicapped, the eunuchs, the mentally impaired, the beggars, all live in their own worlds. They have ridicule and pity to fear, apart from feeling unaccepted, not understood. 

Their worlds never mingle with ours. Neither will know the alternate version of reality. 

Sad but true.


Anonymous said...

Woman!! This has GOT to be one of your best posts! I absolutely agree. You'd make a great columnist! :)


Hansa said...

thank RT

anamika said...

wow.....its one of the finest themes u have chosen articulated with a brilliant sensiivity. muah