Sunday, 11 March 2007

My days are numbered?

Seems like I will soon be joining an organisation I had no intentions of joining in the first place. A make-shift arrangement of sorts, the job means to me more of a source of income and killing time rather than a career. It's a compromise for sure and that is evident by the fact that I have begun dreading the damn thing even before experiencing it. It could turn out to be quite spectacular, but for now am just dreading it. Is it a big mistake or will I be able to move on to better and more desirable things? Am being too negative perhaps. 

Come 2oth and it will be the same ol' drill again. This would be the third workplace for me, I beleive that makes me look like a rolling stone on my CV. It's such a royal pain to find your way around with newbies. Where is the water cooler? Where is the accounts office? Blah blah blah. Hope my boss is good. The person who interviewed me was too cute and we had a great convo chemistry, though I know I won't be working directly under him.

Who knows, I may decide not to join at the last moment. That's me I guess.  

But since I didn't hear from the publishing lady, am left with no other alternative. So if my days are numbered, so be it. Am too busy living it up to the hilt!

Here's to good times :D


Anonymous said...

abe be careful..what if ur employers get around to reading this post!!

Agent Agony said...

ya rite! my name is nowhere on this blog! :P