Sunday, 20 May 2007

India, the Beautiful

We often yearn to travel abroad, most often than not, we don't even know our way
around town or know about tourist spots in our own city. How often is it that we
clamour to visit Khajuraho instead of Kent, Amritsar instead of Australia,
Pondicherry instead of Pattaya? If charity begins at home, travel should begin with
one's nation. It is important to know our country before we set out to explore the
world. New Delhi, therefore must come before New York.

I have been a travel enthusiast for ages (am just 22: note to self) and there are
many places I wish to visit before I die. I thought it would be a good idea to
enlist what I wish to visit in my lifetime:

In Delhi & NCR

The Lotus Temple
Akshardham Temple
The Mughal Gardens
Jama Masjid
The Red Fort

(I think I have seen the rest of the tourist spots in Delhi)

In India

Madhya Pradesh - Buddhist sites, Khajuraho, Forts and Palaces
Goa - Beaches, Churches and Colonial Structures
Jammu & Kashmir
Rajasthan – Udaipur and Jaisalmaer
North Eastern States - All of em! Primarily for monasteries and tea estates.
Kolkata - Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial
Lakshadweep Islands
Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Hyderabad - Charminar and Pearls!
Chowki Dhaani - I wanna I wanna!

In the World

Venice, Italy
Bali, Indonesia
Bora Bora, Tahiti
Iceland - esp to catch a glimpse of the world's youngest island close to it.
Poconos in Pennsylvania, America
Latin America - at least one nation!

Mysore Palace by Day

Mysore Palace by Night

Must Visit Again

I have explored many places in India, some call for a second visit.

Agra – Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri
Mysore – Mysore Palace
Orissa – Chilka Lake for Dolphins
Kerala – Kovalam Beach, Backwaters, Pondicherry
Mumbai – Let’s face it, my two “visits” were not exactly visits.

By far, the best image of the Taj I have seen

India is inspiring, beautiful, diverse and my home. The sights and sounds are simply
unparalleled and there is nowhere in the world I’d rather be than in India at Dilli.


Ana said...

Sweety, ur ideas are unique in true sense of the word. kya likhti hai tu, waaah!!!!!Muaaaaaah

crackfire said...

Hmmm why be all your post inspired by me haan ,well well i have not even been to Taj ... i know i know next time we meet i would be labeled a heathen lol.

anyways i dont think i have been to any of the places you mentioned except lotus temple and the red fort(NOT inspiring I wouldn't bother visiting them again)

Mysore palace does look good and north eastern states i know are a nature lovers paradise.

PLACES IN INDIA that I would visit are:
1. North Eastern states
2. Leh

yes that's about it :P

on the other hand i might draw an extensive list of places to visit in NY itself but that's for much later in life


Agent Agony said...

crackfire, i have nothing 2 say 2 ya, except that u amuse yourself to no end. never wud i look to u for inspiration :P

Anonymous said...

babes, twadda travel da nasha has increased since yout have started travel writing. one of your nicest posts, why is singapore not on the list?

and amritsar bhi bhool gayi? ;)

- karan