Monday, 21 May 2007

Barbie Indeed!

I met Barbie the other day. She still looks the same, not a day older, not an inch thicker, not an ounce heavier. She still has glorious locks.

While I... well, I was slightly (very) embarassed to meet her. I sure did cut a sorry figure. I looked many days older, many inches thicker and many many many ounces heavier. Neither did I have my glorious european looking locks anymore.

Boys will be Boys

My seat was changed. AGAIN! Let's see how long this lasts. The HR folks were considerate enough to give me a gem of a seat this time, providing me easy access. That however meant that the person who was on my seat had 2 be moved 2 my former dingy dungeon seat (not that I complained much).

The guy, let's call him NN, is SUCH a whiner. He cribbed all day long, even told me that I shouldn't have done this. Did he intend to make me feel guilty? But seeing a grown man whine and be such a cry baby was amusing. Even his friends made fun of him.

By the end of the day I was determined 2 stick to his seat no matter what. I sat in that seat for several weeks and not once did i crib like him! He ought to grow up. Men! I tell ya!

PS: Whoever said women were nags and talked too much should meet this band of boys. They talk more in 8 hours than I do in the whole week! Jeez! How the hell do they get any work done!

Main Miss India

What's with the Aishwarya Rai Complex these girls at work have? I complimented one, telling her "You're really looking nice today". And what reply do I get? "Huh! Don't I look nice everyday?" :O

And there is one on the second floor. Floating chiffon dupattas, long open hair, clearly her inspiration is Yashraj Films. There are more, but I'd rather not talk about ALL of them! :)


anamika said...

Lol...u hv chosena demented pic of aishwarya...luvv ya 4 this

Anonymous said...

is barbie still as pukish as she used to be..does she still expose as much?