Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Of Solitude and geting RICH...

I spent a good 2 n a half hours today all by myself, all alone in what may probably be my office for the months to come. This has not happened in the past 6 months. Solitude is many a splendoured thing. Had my 1st brush with the corporate world today. I am not sure if I want to plunge or wait for better (more interesting) things. All I know is that I am getting too used to the comforts of home and that is not a good thing. I need to wean myself from comfort and protection.

The workplace seemed nice and comfortably accesible for me. The desks even had foot-rests. (Btw, I stepped on cow dung while entering the building, dont know if thats a good omen or not. Lol. I had no idea I had stepped on it and so it was funny as I sat on the third floor and wondered why the reception stinks despite being pretty swanky.)

Getting RICH

The material comforts we own are not a reflection of who we are. They are reflections of how much we need in order to satiate our sorry selves. Men and women have their own pet indulgences and in today's world of agressive & powerfully driven marketing and celebrity craze, a lot of us find ourselves clamouring for the latest gadgets and accesories (thank the good lord I have no fascination for real jewellery)

We need to realise that people who spend money like water can probably afford it. Being materialistic and craving comforts is not a bad thing in itself, however we need to put a lid on it when it threatens our financial well-being and prospects. We should only buy things if we have the means to. It is also important to asess need as opposed to want. Sure everybody deserves a feel-good buy every now n then but bending backwards to get it is just asking for disaster. 

My customised guide to getting rich/ saving more (this applies largely to me only)

  1. I do not immediately need a laptop unless I move out of the city, which is not goin to happen. The lappie can wait for five years and loads of savings.
  2. I-pods are just way way way out into the future and only to be purchased if I travel too much. Instead I ought to place emphasis on a new cellphone (coz the old one is dying) with a camera, video recorder, radio and mp3 player. Sure this sounds like an indulgence but considering I have no camera, digicam or stereo, it's a steal.
  3. Never go shopping when depressed or hungry. Hehehe.
  4. Instead of spending on things, spend on experiences, they last longer. Designer dress vs trip to Maldives or Goa! Designer/ high end branded cosmetics vs coffee n movie with friends!
  5. Never get a credit card. That's just an invitation to debt!
  6. Always think "Do I really need this stuff?" or if it is a feel good buy "It is fabulous but can I really afford it?"
  7. Try to stay away from high end branded stuff. Embrace sales and do not collect junk.
  8. The final mantra is to stop defining ourselves by what we own or what we do. There is life beyond one's profession/job and one's assets. We always delay happiness by teling ourselves constantly that I wil be happy when I get such n such pay package, I will be happy when I am able to buy such n such thing. Happiness and contentment are here and now.

First I was dying to finish school and start college.
And then I was dying to finish college and start working.
And then I was dying to marry and have children.
And then I was dying for my kids to grow up.
And then I was dying to retire.
And now I am dying, and suddenly I realise
I forgot to live . . . "

P.S: The great thing abt moving outside is that you get to see some eye candy. Lol. I saw 3-4 decent guys today and thats all the details am wiling to divulge here   :P


Anonymous said...

that was a two in one blog post...nice little gobar story...and nice poem at the end - panjak

Anonymous said...

hansa sweets, u have graduated into a serious kind of blogging that also makes 4 a fun reading