Tuesday, 13 November 2007

100 Not Out!


The centennial post is finally here. And boy, have I been itching to write this one! For many weeks I pondered as to what this super special post should be about. I finally came to the conclusion that it had better be a medley. Like this blog has always been. It gives me a chance to talk to myself and express what nobody cares to listen to, or things I have trouble voicing. the blog also helps me 
straighten things in my head while enjoying the joy of writing. 

So in this post, now that I get to blog so less, are somethings that I had been wanting to blog about.

Me Holiday: Muchos Gracias

Thank God for creating such a lovely planet! After ten long years I saw a beach, and how! This trip, no matter how hasty and chaotic it may have been, was special for a lot of firsts.

  • The first time I travelled by air.
  • The first time I travelled in a First Class train compartment.
  • The first time I visited an island.
  • The first time I saw and went over a real bridge.

Traveling is such a pleasure. Air travel was great, I didn't get air sick and I saw some gorgeous clouds. Kinda makes one wonder as to how vast our world is and how we are but a speck. (I am a nice speck... hehehe). The aerial view of the Andaman Islands left me speechless, and left me asking for more. I would like to go there once again in my lifetime and explore more of the spectacular majesty.

The heaven we stayed in for most part of our Andaman trip was a place called Havelock Island (though getting there was no picnic, but it was worth it, plus the two Israeli guys who asked for help were hot). A quiet, serene and picture perfect island with waters the shades of blue and green. Such secluded beaches that make you feel like 
the only person in the world and yet when you look back, there it is, your resort. So remote and secluded is the place that it takes 1.5 days for a newspaper to get there. So people rely on television a lot. Aah, the simple life! More than 1/3rd of the island is a reserved forest. And I could just go on and on and on about my favourite place for the moment, but I'll shut up. 
Also, Cellular Jail in Port Blair or 
Kaala Paani jail as it is also known, 
was amazing for 
the powerful sound and light show with voice overs
Naseeruddin Shah. A must see for sure!

Kolkata was as chaotic as it gets, more so as it was Durga Puja time. Endless traffic jams and pollution were a nuisance. But I loved the Victoria Memorial, MP Birla Planetarium and the all the bridges I saw. A 
special mention here about Science City, this place was 
tons & tons of fun. The space theatre, hall of mirrors and what 

not, made for a fun day out. We should have something so fun and 
so mammoth in Delhi too :)

I came home with many regrets. I was unable to buy a Bengali sari (white with red border), I did not swim/ scuba dive, and did not see coral 
reefs on a glass bottom boat.  

Let's face it, the trip was too too too short! 7 days for 3 places just aint enough! But in my lifetime I wish to go there once again and for much longer 
this time. 
Fursat se!

Am a Football!

Not only do I look like a football, my company treats me like one too. Yes, I have been shifted again! Back to the elevator-less building, away from my friends and my gorgeous crush :(  Even though I now sit on the ground floor, its no fun as I end up climbing a lot of stairs everyday for something or the other. Most inconvenient!

I can Do it!

Without my TL and Project Coordinator, I can handle a team of 30+ people (some of whose names I don't know till now). Felt great to know that, and even though I was nervous and it got chaotic with everybody 
seeking me out for instructions, I managed. 

In your face TL! Ha! But seriously, it was a high of the 
professional kind! :D

Must Fight Lizards...

Well here I am, to round things off with the bizarre topic - the perfect guy...

A wish list/ checklist/ of the PURRRFECT guy is a bizarre idea in itself. No one is perfect, especially no guy (hehehe), 
we all know that it is foolish to make lists, but we still like to 
enumerate our preferences just for the heck of it. 
Though I have never really made a list, nor am I sure what should 
go in it, I can give it a shot.

  • Should be adequately adventurous and spontaneous.
  • A good sense of humour is non negotiable.
  • Must be passionate.
  • Should be a balanced person.
  • Must want and provide space, has to have individuality.
  • Someone who is as comfortable seeing a masala flick as he is watching a waltz performance. As with it grooving to bhangra as humming ballads... 
  • Non smoker, non doper and preferably non boozer/ social drinker.
  • Must read, even if he reads only magazines. Bottom line, reading habits should be beyond newspapers, textbooks, joke sms's and home delivery menus.
  • Financially secure.
  • Must drive, I am too accident prone to be behind the wheels.
  • Ego overload not appreciated. (man, this list is longer than I thought)
  • Must love movies and traveling and really wish to explore the world. Somebody who would want to go to the Arctic Circle and Surtsey
  • Broad outlook.
  • Being thoughtful is a must if I am not to cry every week.
  • Has to be classy.
  • Must have ethics, values and integrity.
  • Humility, compassion and decent conversational skills too.
  • Needs to understand that my career is important and that I am an only child and have to be around my parents forever.
  • Last but not the least, must fight lizards for me! I can't!

Phew! Hope I didn't forget anything. Hehehe.

Till we meet again... Adios!


Anonymous said...

I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how much I envy your vacation. For one, you got to take a break from work.. AND you go to Andaman!! But really.. I now will make sure I go there as well.. and plan a longer trip :P Can learn from your mistakes ;)!

Kudos to you chica for managing everything so well on the work front. Sometimes we surprise even ourselves with our abilities. AND.. the thing that caught my attention .. the MAN list.. well.. no man is perfect... but I hope you get the one that matches your list best :)


crackfire said...

Ok a few pointers

a. There seems to be some problem with the template when viewed in Firefox

b.It's good to hear that you have finally found some common ground with your team.

c. You deserved a vacation and by Jove you got the best one. Wish I could also go to Kolkota(with PwC you never know :P)

Anonymous said...

managing a team of 30+...hmmm....i wonder to what end i (almost)did mba...i havent managed so much as a mundu in my 3 years of work

hope u find your lizard combating valiant knight ;)


Anonymous said...

oh beleive u me panjak, mundus are harder to manage. my mom handles my bai... ha!


Anonymous said...

Neat blog you have got there.... If I may ask, where did you get this template from?

Ana said...

man.... ur centennial blog is ur best... wish we go to havelock sumtime

IR said...

nice post ,happy hundred

Anonymous said...

abe 100 not out khaakh!!! 101 kahan gya??