Monday, 2 July 2007

Let's hit the PUB Yaar !!

So what's the hype about anyways? Is it about lights too low in which you can't read the menu, or is it about the music too loud in which you can't make out if you are talking to a guy or a gal on the phone? Finally, after my first rendevouz with pubbing, I have all the answers and more.

In pubs, three things reign supreme - ambience, booze/smoke and crowd. The time when I would normally be heading home after stretching my limit (self-induced curfew), is the time that a pub begins to somewhat come alive and people trickle in, in small numbers. We were lucky to get free entry (contacts, you see! not that I was paying anyways). I expected to open the sound proof doors of the pub and see a vibrant crowd dancing their blues away. What I got was an empty dance floor. Bummer eh? Not quite. The music was hip, the ambience was new and fantastic, the crowd was... well it wasn't so crowded (attention all you whiners n Delhi critics - Delhi has a nightlife, in fact delhi has a really late nightlife!).

We sat on the plush leather couches and enjoyed the music, the ambience and strained our eyes trying to read the menu. As we waited for the drinks to arrive, I observed the crowd, they were not my type of people, hehehe. The first round of booze began, though I 
had a cocktail called mojitos (much to my annoyance, they did not have breezers, the waiter seemed to smile sympathetically/mockingly). I tried a sip of vodka followed by bacardi, didn't like either! So now, main madira pee leti hu :P

Finally people started trickling in, lots of foriegners as well (this does not imply we were the first ones there - thank god for small mercies). But still no one on the dance floor. So we had scrumptious chicken mexican wraps in the mean time. As the clock struck 11.45, the dance floor began to liven up and my friends did a little jig, but they sat down too soon as they thought I was getting bored, which I was not. Sadly for us, we had a curfew. Just like Cinderella, at the stroke of midnight, or a little later we left the pub. On our way home we saw the aftermath of a bad bad accident (YIKES!).

By and large, a fab new experience (glad that I am keeping some of my new year's resolutions). Would I do it again? Maybe, but not very soon, perhaps with a bigger gang this time and a different pub. Two is not company and three is certainly not a crwod as far as pubbing is concerned I still don't see what the big deal is, but it was good.

PS: The best part was all the dry ice ka dhuaan on us after every five minutes! What a seat it was. lol! 


pankaj said...

abe maine yahan pehle comment post kiya tha kahan gya!!! welcome to the world of pubbing and the world of have finally come of age....der aaye durust aaye

Anonymous said...

Lol.. I know what you mean! I have in the recent past discovered that Delhi does have a night life, which sadly isnt AS happening as bombay's. I like pubs, and it is infact quite an interesting place to people watch.. or err.. a lot of couple watching.. we must go once and indulge.. till then.. happy pubbing!

-Aarti J