Sunday, 24 June 2007

Ze Fruitless Orchard

We have lived in this house for more than a decade and has been a witness to many ups and downs we have faced (more downs than ups). It is a great house (a thing I realised only after seeing some matchbox houses in Gurgoan). Spacious rooms, huge lounge kind hall and an exclusive parking area with a tiny lawn. Our own patch of green in this concrete jungle.

Over the years, we have tried to plant tons of things here and treat it partly as a kitchen garden. Not many rewards have we gathered. The banana tree does not grow anything bigger than green semi-bananas which are no longer than a finger. The lemon tree has also grown tall like the banana tree, but no luck yet. Maybe the soil is not the kind which supports these crops.

So far we have had luck only with the mehendi leaves (the bush is history now), curry leaves and red radishes, which everyone thought were yummy (too bad i didnt relish this salad ingredient back then). Flowers there have been aplenty, but over the years the lawn
has gone through quite a few demolitions, drain constructions by the government et al. It doesnt help that our maali is an eid-ka-chaand. It needs major sprucing up to get back to its former manicured glory.

Now that I have started earning, I think a major weight has been lifted from my parents minds. They are finally spending on things that were long overdue.

Hopefully ze lawn would also gets its due.

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Anonymous said...

i can relate to ur garden woes...our lawn looks like a desert and the neighbours garden looks like shalimaar bagh...

i dont think banana trees grow in anyones lawn..they need some special treatement (panjak)