Friday, 1 June 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness

First I thought I would be happy if I had a xyz
But then i met someone who had it, but was not happy

Then i thought i would be happy when i got an xyz
But again, the person who had it was not happy

I was not happy till I realised that happyness neither comes from things or the lack
of it.

We constantly delay happiness thinking about what lies ahead, what is next to
achieve. But life is an ongoing process and till the time we die, there are always
going to be things to achieve, errands to run, duites to perform, things to worry about and things to pine for.

What is being happy? How does one become and stay happy? To say that "I just want to
be happy" is asking for the moon without even knowing so. What we must realise is
that there is no perfect time to be happy. Happyness is here and now.

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Anonymous said...

happiness is an ever elusive subject..but its should at least realise that it doesnt really lie in material gains