Thursday, 28 December 2006

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Jaundice! Jaundice! Jaundice! 
It seems to me that in the past eight years since i last had the disease, everybody has done a phd on the subject. Jeez!
From paan leaves, to magical maalas and sugarcane juice, everybody has a cure for it. I, for one plan to stick to what my doctor says n have medicine on time. This too shall pass . . .
Every cloud has a silver lining, same is true about the illness. I have come up with so many fantastic tasting stuff without any oil.  Or other sneaky things that act funny once consumed. 
And today i struck gold! A cake recipe without maida or  oil or eggs! God bless Dr. Sushila (or whatever her name was). Though i am still to try it, hope it wont be a disaster. Hehehe.

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