Tuesday, 21 August 2007

This Week That Year

This week of 2006 was excruciatingly torturous for me. I had a bad road accident, broke my ankle in different places, was operated upon, discharged from the hospital and came home in a royal ride: an ambulance.

This is no sob story, and frankly I am just writing it for myself. Whatever happened is in the past now, though it still does affect or rather limit me and I still remember all the details meticulously.

I am just glad that even though there is another operation in the offing, I am busy now, making money, walking, taking stairs, even doing little jigs and living life to the fullest. And never will I forget the people who were nice to me during this time. And to the ones who acted all nasty, well, Good Riddens to Bad Rubbish is all I have to say.

I am a tad more cynical now, more realistic, more trusting of God and myself and less trusting of people, but I think I needed to be. I mostly don't take people's words, promises and tall claims at face value now.

Maybe I have come of age :)

PS: Dear God, I am stronger now, but please don't make me go through something similar again. Please haan.

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